Oct 29

What to Look for in a Cardiologist and/ or a Cardiac Electrophysiologist

Looking for a Cardiologist or a Cardiac Electrophysiologist is a very important decision. The first thing you need to look for when looking for either a Cardiologist or a Cardiac Electrophysiologist is that he or she is a board-certified Medical Doctor (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO). This ensures that your Cardiologist of Cardiac Electrophysiologist has graduated from an accredited medical school, and then completed a residency and finally a fellowship. After the education has been completed, it will be necessary to complete either a written and/or an oral exam before the Cardiologist or Cardiac Electrophysiologist candidate can become board certified.

The next thing to look for in a Cardiologist and/or a Cardiac Electrophysiologist is to make sure he or she is an experienced physician. This can be accomplished by asking the doctor how many years he or she has been practicing. Another way to determine the level of experience a doctor has is by looking at independent industry or government websites. The more experience a physician has generally correlates to more procedures done and therefore a lower chance of a mistake or medical malpractice.

Ensuring your Cardiologist and/or a Cardiac Electrophysiologist does not have any industry or government sanctions or complaints against him or her is another thing to look for. Before you receive medical care from a Cardiologist or a Cardiac Electrophysiologist, make sure that your doctor does not have any complaints from patients against them individually or their Practice. It is also good to look for sanctions against the doctor from the State they are practicing in. Similarly, it is also good to see if the Cardiologist or Cardiac Electrophysiologist is facing any lawsuits or has been sued in the past. Determining the background of your potential future Cardiologist and/or Cardiac Electrophysiologist is a good thing to look for because you will be able to protect your health much better than blindly seeing a doctor.

Look for attributes of openness, empathy and great communication skills in a Cardiologist and/or Cardiac Electrophysiologist during your search. Making sure your Cardiologist and/or Cardiac Electrophysiologist is very open because that will enable you and him or he the ability to openly and honestly discuss your medical history, his or her past experience and the potential medical procedure that will be performed. Ensuring your doctor has adequate communication skills will ensure that both of you are fully aware of the medical procedure, any risks, concerns, preparations and anything possible. Looking for a Cardiologist and/or Cardiac Electrophysiologist  will empathy will allay your fears, make sure you are comfortable with it and make sure whatever is necessary will be available to make your medical procedure as painless and safe as humanly possible.

Therefore, when looking for a Cardiologist and/or Cardiac Electrophysiologist, you need to make sure your physician has the proper education, is board certified by the State and/or proper governing body, is experienced so there is a low chance of having a medical mistake. You also have to make sure that your Cardiologist and/or Cardiac Electrophysiologist can handle any type of questions, does not have any outstanding professional or legal complaints or lawsuits against him or her and is willing to accommodate you as reasonable as possible if you do decide to go ahead with your procedure.

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