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Biventricular Pacemaker (CRT)

What is a biventricual pacemaker

A biventricular pacemaker, also known as CRT (cardiac resynchronization therapy) is a type of pacemaker that can pace both ventricles (right and left) of the heart. By pacing both sides of the heart, the pacemaker can resynchronize a heart that does not beat in synchrony, which is common in heart failure patients. CRT devices have three leads, one in the atrium, one in the right ventricle, and a final one is inserted through the coronary sinus to pace the left ventricle. CRT devices are shown to reduce mortality and improve quality of life in groups of heart failure patients. CRT can be combined with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD).

For more information please check the pacemaker and ICD sections.


Heart Rhythm Specialists of South Florida gives special thanks to the National Library of Medicine, Wikipedia and National Heart Lung and Blood Institute whose Web sites aided in the research of the patient educational material provided above.